View any product in your room instantly. It’s FREE

Byrst 3D-Xpress allows on-line shoppers to quickly and easily visualize physical products in their own spaces.   Users simply select a product image off the web and instantly turn it into a digital 3D-model to View-In-Room, using a smartphone.

Why use Byrst 3D-Xpress

There is no substitute for actually seeing with your own eyes what a product will look like in your space

Super easy

Simply select a high-quality image from any website and effortlessly turn it into a 3D model

View instantly

In just seconds you will be able to view the product in your room on your smartphone

Shop with confidence

Test style, color, and size to ensure it's the right fit for your space ‒ before you buy

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Quick start guide

Note: Choose a hi-res, head-on product image with a simple background

  • Step 1

    Right-click on the product image and select "Make Byrst 3D-Xpress"

  • Step 2 (Optional):

    Once model is created, adjust dimensions to match product listing

  • Step 3

    Click view-in-your-room and then scan the QR code with your phone

  • Step 4

    Wait a few seconds, then view the 3D-Xpress model in your room

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