Create an AIR Sticker

7 min read

What is an AIR Sticker?

An AIR sticker is a 3D model that you can create from any 2D graphic using Byrst’s augmented reality (AR) technology. With an AIR sticker, your customers can see how your item looks and fits in their space, using their smartphone or tablet. This way, they can make confident purchases and you can increase your sales and satisfaction.

Step 1: Capture a Single Image

To create an AIR sticker, you need to take a clear and sharp picture of the object that you want to turn into a 3D model.

Image Quality Tip:  For the best results, place your object on a flat surface (such as the floor or table), against a plain background, and take your picture at a right angle to the object. You can also tilt your camera slightly to add some depth and make the 3D effect more realistic.

Step 2: Create an AIR Sticker

Once you have your picture, upload it to the Byrst platform and review it before submitting. The platform will convert your flat image into a 3D object that looks like a billboard. It will also use AI technology to remove the background and create a realistic effect from one perspective.

Step 3: Scale Your AIR Sticker

The final step is to edit the actual dimensions of your object so that your customers can see it in its true size in their space. This will also store the size of the object from one perspective.