Edit a 3D Model of Your Product

7 min read

Byrst is an app that lets you create realistic 3D models of your products from photos and display them in augmented reality (AR). With Byrst, you can showcase your products in a more engaging and immersive way, allowing your customers to see how your products look and fit in their spaces. In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit your 3D model on the Byrst app using the rotate, crop, and scale tools, which will allow you to ensure your models match what the object would look like in real-life.

Step 1: Open your 3D model on the Byrst app

To edit your 3D model, you need to open it on the Byrst app.  On the profile page, select the model.  On the bottom right there will be an icon for Edit.  

Step 2: Rotate your 3D model

You can position your 3D model to define the front of the model. This is important because when you display your 3D model in AR, this will be the initial orientation that your customers will see. To rotate your 3D model, drag your finger on the sliders to change the angle of the model.

Step 3: Crop your 3D model

Additionally, to remove unwanted portions of the model, such as the background or the floor, you can crop your 3D model by moving the slider to move a cube to desired content. The content that is within the cube will remain while anything outside the cube will be removed from the 3D model.

Step 4: Scale your 3D model

You can also adjust 3D model to match the real-world size of your 3D model so that when you display your 3D model in AR, your customers to see the actual size of your product. To scale your 3D model, tap the scale icon and type in one of the units for the model such as the objects width, height or length.  This will adjust the size ensuring that it matches what it would look like in the real world.

Step 5: Preview your 3D model in AR

Once you are satisfied with your editing, you can preview your 3D model in AR. To preview your 3D model in AR, tap the View in AR icon.  This will allow you to place the 3D model in AR within your space to ensure that the presentation and size of your product are correct.