About us

  • Who we are

    We are a team of tech enthusiasts, creatives, and business-minded individuals who are passionate about tackling challenges through innovation.

  • Our focus

    We focus on harnessing the potential of digital 3D modeling, which we believe remains largely untapped. Through dedicated development and ongoing refinement, we’ve built a robust 3D platform that empowers anyone to create, share, and visualize 3D models of real-world objects.

  • Our philosophy

    Our philosophy revolves around enriching reality with digital enhancements, rather than escaping into a virtual world. We advocate for seamlessly integrating digital information into the physical world through augmented reality.

  • Our initial offering

    Our initial focus is on ecommerce. Currently, only a few major retailers offer view-in-room 3D capabilities for a small fraction of their products. In contrast, our broader offering extends this capability to all retailers and shoppers across almost all product categories.